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I am sorry, but for the moment, I do not accept any more requests for book reviews. My list is miles long, and instead of telling you that you would have to wait I-don't-know-how-many months for a review, I'd rather have you come back in a few months with the request, after my list will have been cleared, and this message will have disappeared.
In the meantime, if you are in need of a spotlight post covering a new release (the book still has to correspond to the genres listed below) or a guest post, I'd be happy to help.

I take reading seriously. Reviewing also, if you had the curiosity of glancing at the already-written reviews. 
I am not very picky; I will read

Children & Middle Grade
Young Adult (almost everything)
Action & Adventure
Mystery/ Thriller
Short Stories/ Collection of Short Stories (fiction or non-fiction)

I will NOT read

Comic Books
Vampires & Werewolves
Most non-fiction writing (ask about it)

All my reviews will be 100% honest. I will not refrain from negativity, nor will I abuse it.
Books will be reviewed on a first come - first served basis.
I accept books in hardcover, paperback and most e-Books (.pdf, .epub, .mobi).
I will not use these books for commercial purposes.
I support INDIE writers! You are welcome!

Ask for reviews or ask questions in the message box or by e-mail:

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  1. I like your perspective and look forward to reading more reviews. Maybe you'll accept sci-fi some day and I'll submit my books! Best to you, Anka!