Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cruentus Coniuro - New Release!

Title: Cruentus Coniuro
Author: J. Gairaud
Illustrator: Rocio Bertolina
You can find this book here: Amazon (Kindle Edition).


The lives of the Duke's daughters go by as pleasantly and normally as the lives of any two young girls who can each sprout a wing from their backs can: they enjoy dances, festivals and the attentions of young men, and then discuss all about them perched on the top of the old cemetery's church. However, everything changes with the arrival of a man, entangled in a battle between primal forces he can barely comprehend, and a dark woman with blood-red eyes.


"Cruentus Coniuro", a YA fantasy/ romance/ supernatural novel, is being officially released today, June 15th. Jaqueline Gairaud, the author, has agreed to share some exclusive insight on her characters:

Despite all the gossip, rumors and boy troubles, Aleissa lived happily in her small mountain town. Always thankful to have been given the chance to live the live of a little duchess and of having her sister to talk and share in secrets. But things can't stay like that forever, the arrival of a mysterious man, who has been fighting his own battles for too long, will change the order within her and all around her.    

Thank you, Jaqueline! Looking forward to reading your book.

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